The History of Macon & Carson Apple Brandy

Macon and Carson Apple Brandy


In 1893 two brothers named Emory John & Robert Gideon Macon started an apple distillery right off the Bentonville, AR square just a few hundred yards downstream on Town Branch.  The distillery became the largest apple brandy distillery west of the Mississippi River. During the apple season apple wagons would line up for miles for the chance to have their apples used for the apple brandy.  At its’ peak the distillery produced up to 600 gallons per day and up to 215,000 gallons per year.  Despite the large production, not a bottle was sold locally as Bentonville was located in a dry county.  In 1914 production came to a halt with the start of prohibition and the distillery closed its doors.  In 2019, several townsmen came together with a passion to preserve their native history.

With a shared love of apple brandy the men resurrected Macon & Carson after the inspiration of Robert Gideon Macon who continued the brand after his brother Emory passed away way too soon.


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